Mr. Gregory Hudson has played an important role in my development as a business owner. Mr. Hudson has served as a consummate professional who has gone out of his way to serve as my mentor by personally demonstrating a commitment towards sharing ideas and concepts that will make a positive impact in the local business community. It was Mr. Hudson’s guidance and insight revolving around the concept of strategic planning that has helped me to best position my company for future growth in the long-term.

Aaron C. Sams, Owner — Sams Contracting Consulting & Training

Mr. Hudson and the Genesis team have been very instrumental developing my business mind, model, and my current success...Greg quickly helped me understand the rules of engagement for owning and operating Quest Industries. He understood the challenges and pitfalls of being an entrepreneur and took a keen interest with developing my entrepreneurial qualities. He identified and recognized the attributes of my business profile by assessing my E.A.T (Entrepreneurial Aptitude Test) and begin to foster and develop those qualities and taught me how to operate Quest Industries within the government and private business sector. Greg has been very detailed with teaching, coaching, and mentoring me in order to enhance my professional development on many fronts. His selfless service to helping young businessmen like me has been evident on every aspect of my life from personal, professional, and spiritual. Most importantly his solid spiritual foundation, from all the in-depth conversation about business I have been personally encouraged by his grounded attitude and his willingness to help others grow.

Kevin Hill, CEO — Quest Industries

Genesis has provided excellent strategic foundational guidance to our company. Clearly Genesis is a company of professionals, I am most impressed with their integrity and superior performance. They honor their commitments and demonstrate excellence in everything they do.  I would recommend them to any company needing their services.

Hugh P. Williams CEO — HPW Solutions

Many attribute comprise a corporate image but none more important than integrity. This is the attribute that I would use in describing Genesis Concepts & Consultants. With this unique attribute, Genesis Concepts & Consultants brings a sense of honesty, loyalty, determination, strength and dependability.

Also, the organization provides VALUE in that they present customers with results; Leadership that connotes an experienced knowledge of the marketplace; Innovation that show creativity. The afore mentioned characteristics reflect the essence of Genesis Concepts & Consultants and I am very comfortable in highly recommending them as a Go-To company and partner of zCore Business Solutions, Inc. (zCore). Knowing the relative weight of each factor above, one can only derive at the same conclusion.

Greg Harris, President and CEO — zCore Business Solutions

Genesis Concepts & Consultants is uniquely characterized by an environment of integrity. The organization emphasizes quality, a focus on customer needs, and strategic solutions to everyday problems. I have repeatedly recommended and will continue to recommend Genesis Concepts & Consultants to current and potential government and private sector clients because of the above attributes, efficient project, and contract management, and skillful integrative leadership of complex projects involving diverse medical, scientific and engineering experts. Genesis Concepts & Consultants has proven to be a "top tier" government contractor able to successfully perform as a prime or sub-contractor. They are a valuable partner to Adolos Strategic and have been a key to our success.

Adolos Strategic — Danny J. Sharon, Principal

Abacus Solutions Group, LLC (ASG) has been honored to work with Genesis Concepts & Consultants for the past three years. During this time ASG has developed a deep respect for the organization, their management team, their ethics, their capabilities, and their Faith. ASG has developed a deep trust in Genesis Concepts & Consultants founded upon their flawless record to successfully complete all requirements in a timely, effective, and cost effective manner. Our experience working with them on broad scope of requirements, spanning the Continental United States enables us to enthusiastically and without reservation recommend Genesis Concepts & Consultants as a premier service provider and business partner.

Abacus Solutions Group, LLC (ASG) — Chris Koehn, EVP Sales