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Greg's PhotoCongratulations are in order for CEO Gregory Hudson for being selected for the Minority Small Business Person of the Year Award. Genesis Concepts & Consultants was selected as the 2013 8 (a) Minority Small Business Person of the Year for the central Texas area. This award is a direct result of the Genesis team accomplishing their enterprise vision of becoming a national first choice solution integrator.  Genesis Concepts & Consultants has established itself as a trusted source with the strengths of a large company combined with the agility and leanness of a small company.  Genesis is recognized by several major contracting commands and the Small Business Administration as the top 8 (a) small business who delivers effective results on short notice.  Consistency in performance has gained GC&C tremendous credibility within the contracting officer community. GC&C’s reputation continues to grow as a result of exemplary service which has translated into high demand by both customers and contracting officials. Through exceptional leadership by the executives, combined with the operational effectiveness of our team members, GC&C has provided value resulting in local, regional, and global impact to their customers.

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