Vision – Mission – Action Plan = Results

Foodservice ConsultingGenesis Concepts & Consultants Foodservice Experts work with leadership to increase profits while decreasing losses through customized, innovative, tested solutions.  Each on our team has over 25 years operating, designing, planning, evaluating and analyzing foodservice in every environment within commercial, non-commercial and government operations.  Our experts first listen, then assess, before working to validate or update your goals. They  bring  their knowledge, skills, and functional experience in foodservice and hospitality to create a customized actionable and implementable plan and program that impacts both your production and expansion strategies.  Our team includes facility designers, chefs, healthy dining specialists, business analysts, patient feeding specialists, dietitians and equipment specialists. We provide the right-sized solution with just the right sized team.

Healthy Lifestyle Programs

Healthy Lifesytle ProgramsHow healthy is your organization or community?  Has a healthy living culture been adopted by leaders?  Does your organizational production and expansion strategy include a transformation to a wellness mindset?  Chronic diseases and excess fat are often related to poor lifestyle choices and are predicted to cost the US health care system an estimated $4.2 trillion annually by 2023.In addition, medical costs for those who are obese are significantly higher than those who are not.  Research has shown that worksite wellness programs are cost-beneficial, reduce health-care expenditures, and produce a positive return on investment.  Our experts can help address the health of your population, whether it’s in a government, corporate, or academia.  Our Wellness Program Assessment, Development, Training, and Evaluation service offers corporate and community leader’s evidence-based solutions for healthier and more productive employees…all tailored to your organization’s needs and resources We provide the right-sized solution with just the right sized team.

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