Team Genesis Provides a Hospital Room Service Complete Integrated Solution 
for the Portland VA Medical Center
Genesis Concepts & Consultants has been engaged with the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide the programming, implementation and support of a hospital room service program tailored to the needs of Nutrition and Food Services (NFS) at the Portland VA Medical Center, Portland, OR (PVAMC) and for the Vancouver VA Medical Center, Vancouver, WA (VVAMC).  Our team of highly acclaimed nationally recognized experts is working in conjunction with the PVAMC’s staff to assist by providing Room Service consultation and recommendations in accordance with the industry best practices in a three phased implementation.  The design and implementation phases include Program Development, Training & Implementation, and Follow-up. Team Genesis provides integrated assistance in the design, planning, conversion, and training to permit for the conversion of the hospital’s kitchen, ordering system, and menus.  
The implementation of room service is not only expected to improve patient satisfaction with food service, but it has been shown to improve satisfaction with the total hospital experience. Many facilities experience greatly improved patient food intake, reduced food costs and food waste, and increased employee morale.  
In classic hotel style, the hospital rooms are equipped with Room Service menus from which patients may order meals when they are ready to eat.  Room Service is an innovative concept in hospital patient meal service. Traditionally, patients have had to plan their meals 24 hours in advance for the next day. While striving to achieve the highest level of patient care possible, Room Service now gives the patient more flexibility. With Room Service, a patient can order a meal when they feel like eating.  It provides for choice, freshly prepared food, and professionally served meals.
Aside from making patients feel supremely pampered, the room service option gives folks the opportunity to eat the things they like most, at the times when they are hungry. Medical experts note that when people have access to foods they prefer, they tend to eat better – and eating well usually has positive effect on recovery.
The program is simple. Using the “Hotel Restaurant” styled Room Service menu,, patients select a preferred meal, pick up the phone and dial the specified number or in many cases can elect to use the “digital tablet” to place their order.  A Room Service technician will take the patient’s order using touch screen technology. The technology allows for modifications needed for therapeutic diets that may require food substitutions or restrictions. The menu, which includes many daily entrees, features a broad selection of culinary choices, from light fare to heartier dishes. Orders may be placed in advance, or for delivery within one hour (normally takes between 30 – 45 minutes).  The meal is then delivered by a uniformed food server just like you experience in a restaurant. 
Team Genesis is bringing the expertise required to assist the PVAMC staff for a complete integrated solution.

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