Title: Family Programs – Parenting & Healthy Marriage Training
Customer: U.S. Army Installation Management Command, G-9 Family Programs

Situation: 11+ years of combat operations, coupled with long-term separation caused by repetitive deployments, Army Families and Couples are in crisis. As a result, there has been a significant incidents of spouse and child abuse and neglect. Family Professionals require the best skills and effective practices that are sustainable and repeatable. There is a need for a common base of knowledge to be spread across all Family Professionals for integration into their existing programs Army-wide.

Project Goal: Reduce the incidents of spouse and child neglect and abuse by causing Army Families/Couples to grow calmer and closer while creating hope. This is to be done by training local Family Professionals in the proven principles, developed by the ScreamFree Institute, to permit their use in their local programs for Soldiers and Army Families/Couples.

Solution: We brought our acclaimed solutions integration expertise to the table using our Program Management Consulting proficiency to organize, plan, and conduct training with our mobile training teams Army-wide. We partnered with the internationally known ScreamFree Institute to conduct certification training for local Family Professionals to equip them with the proven principles for use in their specific programs and classes based on their installation’s unique culture. Spreading this training Army-wide provided sustainable support for Soldiers and Army Families/Couples as they relocate to other Army posts. Educational materials were also provided for use at local posts to assist with the learning experience.

Results: Aligning with the IMCOM Commander’s Strategic Plan, we created positive change.

  1. Trained/certified hundreds of Family Professionals during 75+ visits to Army installations Army-wide
  2. Spoke to more than 8,500 Army Families/Couples and provided them with educational materials
  3. Feedback indicated that Family Professionals and Army Families/Couples were:
    - More resilient (92%)
    - More capable of handling the stresses of military life (95%)
    - A better spouse (91%)
    - Likely to recommend the training to others (99%)