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Army Mobile Training – Family Programs

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Title: Army Mobile Training – Family Programs
Services: Corporate Advisory, Strategic Management, Program Management, Training
Customer: U.S. Army, Installation Management Command, G-9 Family Programs

Project Summary

Provide program management and conduct certification training for Army Family Professionals who work with Soldiers, Parents, and Couples providing them effective, sustainable and repeatable principles and practices. This program helps to reduce the increases in child and spouse abuse and neglect by conducting Parenting and Healthy Marriage training. As a result of the past eleven plus years of multiple and lengthy deployments, the military family structure and marriages have been stressed. This train-the-trainer program was to be conducted at specified installations across the Army using mobile training teams. Training must be scheduled globally to integrate with each installation’s master planning schedule. Provide materials to permit the newly certified trainers to conduct training at their installation.

Teamed with the ScreamFree Insititute, a 501-C non-profit, we provided seasoned program management to coordinate with the IMCOM HQs customer and with each installation projected for training while planning and directing our teams to ensure that they were on schedule and remained within budget. We worked with the IMCOM Director to ensure that our solution was aligned with her programs intent and to the IMCOM Commander’s Strategic Plan. Throughout the contract, we worked with the IMCOM Strategic Managers to ensure their program remained aligned with the IMCOM mission and vision. Our Teams, consisting of highly qualified and experienced family professionals, organized into mobile training teams, were dispatched to specified Army installations to conduct a proven certified training program that delivered valid principles and practices for Army Parents and Couples. Our Technical Lead, a nationally recognized Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, created curriculum and provided quality assurance to ensure training was conducted to the expected standard. With expert program management to coordinate and integrate the training, our mobile Training Teams deployed to 40+ Army installations CONUS and OCONUS since FY11 to conduct the 2-day Train the Trainer Certification Training for Family Professionals plus Parent and Healthy Marriage Training for Army Parents and Couples.

The IMCOM ScreamFree Parenting program, aligned with the IMCOM Commander’s Strategic Plan, is working across the Army helping Army Families to grow calmer and closer while creating hope. Our team is assisting Army Parents to rethink what it means to lead their children into adulthood and respond more effectively to the battles along the way. Impacting Army Couples, the principles presented to the Family Professionals are resulting in couples becoming closer. From Ft. Bragg to Joint Base Lewis McCord to Germany and Alaska, our team is making a huge, tangible difference in the lives of the Family Professionals on post and ultimately to the Families they serve through this repeatable and sustainable program.

Since FY 11, our team has:

  • Made more than forty visits to Army installations, both CONUS and OCONUS.
  • Conducted Train the Trainer certification courses to over 700 Army Family Professionals, including close to fifty Army Chaplains.
  • Spoken with over 5,000 Military Families through ScreamFree-led workshops at approximately 40 military installations.
  • Provided training materials to more than 8,000 Army Families across more than forty Army installations worldwide.
  • Reached an additional 3,000+ Military Families through ScreamFree classes led by our graduates as Certified Army Family Professionals.

The feedback we have received in our many years working with Army Families indicates that the ScreamFree Programs are “more applicable,” “more relatable” and “more real” than other programs the Army has been using. Families have indicated that merely attending a ScreamFree class leaves them feeling:

  • more resilient (92%),
  • more capable of handling the stresses of military life (95%) ,
  • and like a better spouse (91%.)
  • and 99% would recommend the training to others.