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Experiential Learning

A large percentage of teaching and training in education and work continues to be conventional, narrow and highly prescribed – not experiential. These approaches are oriented virtually and exclusively to meet external needs, not people’s individual needs and potential. People learn and develop in different ways and in different directions, if they can be given the chance. One size does not fit all. 

However; we have discovered that people in authority tend to think they know best what everyone else needs, and this arrogance – combined with obsession for cost savings, measurement and control, and inability to trust others to do a decent job – all tend to create and sustain highly prescriptive organization-centered methods for teaching and training people.

Solution Approach

We use a model entitled “Adaptive Immersion Maturity (A.I.M.).” A.I.M. blends adaptive learning, immersive training, and maturity modeling into one collaborative triad. We integrate interactive teaching with augmented or virtual reality training which is scaled against a learning and training maturity model to measure the systematic growth of the two core enablers of A.I.M.:  learning agility and emotional intelligence. 

A.I.M. technology will allow companies and organizations to meet people where they are ― geo-locations and devices they use every day. It gives learners ongoing, on-demand access to virtual resources, far beyond the printed page. The greatest feature of A.I.M. is that it offers scenario-based experiential learning that ranges from Beginner to Expert within one portal.