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Modernized PCS Management Solution
Case Study, U.S. Army Human Resources


Services: Electronic In- and Out-Processing, Reassignments Management, Orders Production, Interactive Online Levy Briefing, Army Community Services Module, and an Orders Distribution Hub

Target Customer: Department of Defense HR Agencies

Project Focus: HR Process Modernization

In accordance with a couple of GAO Reports: GAO-18-348 and GAO-15-713; the Department of Defense requires improved oversight of the Exceptional Family Member Program as well as more complete and consistent data to access the costs and policies of relocating personnel.

FORCE-READY Lite is a cloud-SaaS solution that is capable, configurable, and scalable to meet the demands of military Permanent Change of Station (PCS) management and the capability to capture families who are relocating with exceptional family members. FORCE-READY Lite was designed to correspond with contemporary military HR PCS strategic priorities and customer service requirements. FORCE-READY Lite unlocks workforce potentials to forecast movement requirements at least six months prior to movement.

FORCE-READY Lite empowers military HR service providers with the ability to deliver predictive and proactive PCS Management services that improve military relocation management and proactively predict exceptional family member requirements. It will save the service member time as their information is made available electronically to gaining installations as needed. Key processes become more efficient because all activities are electronic to support paperless installation-to-installation workflows. FORCE-READY Lite core features include:

  1. In- and Out-Processing – Service Member arrival or departure is tracked by scanning their CAC to create the specific transaction for electronic submission to source data management proponency.
  2. Reassignments Management – All assignments instructions are processed electronically to control workload balance, management oversight, and rapid construction of service member virtual PCS record which includes orders, DA 31, and other service-specific forms.
  3. Interactive Online Levy Briefing – Service Members are authorized to access this module by the local reassignments office. The Online Levy Briefing is tailored to each service member’s unique situation. It auto-populate mandatory forms that service members require for movements such as sponsorship forms, exceptional family requirements, and others.
  4. PCS Distribution Hub – creates a connected network between installations to permit the delivery of electronic forms and permits the service member to access his or her PCS record from any active, reserve, or national guard 

  FORCE-READY Lite promotes standardization, predictability, and accountability to readiness.