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Strategic Communication, U.S. Army

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Title: Strategic Communication Services and Support
Customer: U.S. Army Medical Command (MEDCOM), Directorate of Strategic Communication
Services: Design and present options for the organization structure of the Directorate of Strategic Communication.

Project Summary

Situation: The MEDCOM was designing a Directorate of Strategic Communication with the responsibility of synchronizing and orchestrating proactive communications at the strategic level. The directorate’s business model required the establishment of a communication strategy to conduct information outreach through press releases, articles, and speaker events and feedback capture through several modalities including human and technological assets.

Project Goal: Create a synergistic working environment that ensured consistent communications were provided to Senior Leadership and other business support audiences.

Solution: We selected our Strategic Management Consulting (SMC) vertical to match the magnitude of the MEDCOM, Directorate of Strategic Communication requirements. Because our SMC vertical included a production and expansion strategy model, it facilitated executive, core, and functional tier alignment.

Results: Fueled by our SMC model (the Balanced Scorecard Methodology), we delivered value-creating outcomes that included:

  1. Vision and Mission Optimization
  2. Stakeholder Analysis & Report
  3. Organization Structure Development and Process Governance
  4. Strategic Communication Plan Development
  5. Strategic Communication Products Development